Digital Marketing

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    IP Append

    By matching home addresses to IP addresses, AMG offers businesses a cost saving tool that lowers cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), and raises campaign ROI!
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    GeoFencing is based on where a customer is in real time! Call to action ads are served to a consumer’s mobile device if they are within the virtual “fence” around a location or business.
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    Social Media Advertising

    Facebook is the #1 smartphone app with over 1 billion users! Most people search for businesses on their cellphones and will see it while using the app.
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    Google AdWords

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ensures that people who are looking for your service or products can find you when they need you. It puts YOU at the top of the customers mind, consistently.
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    Retargeting Ads

    Most web traffic will not do what businesses want it to do, especially during a consumer’s initial visit to the website—visitors need to be retargeted back.
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    Skordle App

    Available in OK, coming to your state soon! Get your ads seen through the SKORDLE app when sports fans check scores via social media, view live score updates, check rankings and district ratings, and receive game alerts!
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    Mass Email

    Send up to 1 million potential prospects per order! Large or small, we will develop a custom campaign—Graphic Design included!
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    Ringless Voicemail – Media Kit

    By using Direct Voicemail, your sales team will be able to focus on closing sales through call-backs from interested customers instead of getting the ring-around before finally landing a call or leaving a message.
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    Direct Mass Texting

    Direct Mass Texting (DMT) provides the most powerful and versatile SMS text messaging platform on the market!
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    IP Rewind

    IP Rewind allows you to capture people's device IDs at the events they attend, where they work, where they study, and where they shop--all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience!
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    IP Canvassing

    Move into the digital age of IP Canvassing and start serving IP targeted digital banner ads to the neighbors of your current customers.
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    Reverse IP & Mail

    We take anonymous site visitors' IP addresses and run them through our algorithm to determine their physical home or office address.
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