Direct Mass Texting

Direct Mass Texting (DMT) provides the most powerful and versatile SMS text messaging platform on the market!

DMT offers easy-to-use, ROI-boosting features like drip campaigns, advanced reporting and automated contact Opt-Out List Management.

What people are saying about Direct Mass Texting

Jeff W.

I am a big fan of mass texting instead of emailing when it comes to marketing short-term promotions. I spent $250 and got $3,000 in additional sales—I spent $150 on my second campaign which involved a promo code and it delivered $4,100 in additional sales!

Jeff W., CycleBar
C. Dine

It's been a very effective way to communicate membership offers and club specials to both members and prospects.

C. Dine, Fitness 19
Michael M.

AMG taught us how to develop our opt-in list. They wrote our message series and suggested the best days and times to optimize results. 95% of our mobile list read our message within 3 minutes of receiving it. We have had more showings on our homes than ever before!

Michael M., Real Estate Investor
Joe G.

We have sent hundreds of campaigns that account for tens of thousands of dollars in collections from our late payers. Works every time.

Joe G., Promotion Sports Management
Brandon S.

We use it for special promotions and 'Refer-A-Friend' campaigns to cross-sell our customer base and gain new members through their connections. This is a big thing for us!

Brandon S., Planet Fitness

Why is mass texting perfect for Direct Marketing?

97%+ of Text Messages Are Opened and Read within Minutes

91% use Direct Mass Texting to Increase Sales Revenues

100% of Campaigns Come with Return on Investment Reporting

100% of Your "Do Not Text" List is Managed by AMG

Weekday and Weekend Campaigns Available

24 Hour Turn-Around Time Guaranteed

79% of Companies Believe Their Customers Want SMS/Text Support

80%+ of Customers Are Comfortable Receiving 2-4 Text Messages per Month. Only Send 4 if it is Membership-Based and Spread throughout the Month

86% of Businesses Believe Direct Mass Texting Should Be Used to Communicate to Their Employees

Program Details:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) reporting included with every order.
  • Scheduled to run at the best times to reach your customers.

Best Practices:

  • The Shorter the Message the Better. Example phrases: words like “Discount,” “Free,” “Call Now,” “Expires Sunday at 5pm,” “First 100 Get X,” “Time Running Out” etc.
  • Incorporate the following formula into your copy: Benefit + Scarcity to Gain Benefit + Immediate Call to Action.
  • Use a Weblink to a landing page where they can fill out a form to order now.
    (We will shorten your web URL using so that you will have more space for your message.)
  • Use a Promo Code in your text if possible.
  • Keep your Opt-Out percentage low by strategically timing your texts over a period of time.
  • To avoid excessive Opt-Outs, don’t send more than 4 marketing text messages to the same person in a month.

How It Works:

  1. Download & Send In The Order Form offered below or Call 1-800-648-3107 to initiate your order.
  2. Email SalesTeam@TheAMGteam Your Customer Opt-In Mobile Phone List. An Excel or .CSV spreadsheet is best. (We are more than happy to help you determine if your list is opt-in compliant!)
  3. Text Script Approval. You have up to 130 characters for your message. You can give us your own script, or we can write your script using our creative content best practices that you approve before we send. Please note: spaces, symbols, and punctuation are counted as characters used.

Ready to take the next step?

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How do I order?

  1. Choose one of the following two ways to begin your order:
  2. Email SalesTeam@TheAMGteam your customer opt-in mobile phone list. An Excel or .CSV spreadsheet is best. (We are more than happy to help you determine if your list is opt-in compliant!)
  3. See results!

How do I verify the mass text prior to deployment?

We test your link and your promo code(s). Once you place your order, we will send you a proof via text message within 24 hours. Once we receive your approval response, we will schedule your campaign.

How do I calculate the results of the campaign?

You will receive a detailed report one business day after the send so that we may continue to revise and improve your messaging, offers, ROI, and results together.

How is my investment cost broken down?

Each send fee is $50 plus .15¢ per record. The minimum number of records per order is 1,000. Therefore, if you are sending one deployment of 1,000 records or less, then your cost will be $200.

Plus 3% merchant fee if paying by credit card.


1,000 records (1 drop of 1,000)
x .15¢
+ $50 (Drop Fee)

If the above example was 2 drops of 500 records, your investment cost would be $250.

1,000 records total (2 drops of 500)
x .15¢
+ $50 (Fee for Drop 1 of 500 records)
+ $50 (Fee for Drop 2 of 500 records)

Direct Mass Texting clients are 100% responsible for being opt-in compliant.
Before ordering, please read DNC, International & FTC Telemarketing Compliance

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